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The Social Sunday Newsletter

This week has been another test of being visible and taking opportunities.  I was in The Sun with an interview about how I did up my house for free and advice on how you can too.  There were loads of positive comments, I got new followers on Instagram, visits to my website and some newsletter subscribers too. I even had an email that made me cry from the grandchildren of the man who lived here saying they were so glad their nan and gramp’s house is a family home again. 

But... there were some nasty things too. Comments calling me a 'skip rat', saying the house was disgusting and that evening also finding out someone had copied my eBook and passed it off as their own words.  Social media can be used for good and for bad. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back if you feel like it’s not having a positive impact on you and your business.  But if you’re ready to jump back in and you’re still not enjoying it, how do you make it fun again?  I try and see followers as potential friends, my stories as a place to chat and my posts somewhere to be creative with photography.  Posting on Facebook and Instagram can be fun, but you need to find a way of doing it that works for you. Some people need a strict schedule and others like to go freestyle (I’m number 2!)  You might hit a few bumps in the road, but remember why you’re doing this. Every time you post on social media you’re giving more people a chance to find out about your business.  Next week, challenge yourself to make promoting your business on social media fun again!

If you need a hand with your social media take a look at my 'Be Your Own Social Media' eBook.


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